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Hi, I’m Zorahgail! Your Reiki Master and Personal Trainer.

I use energy work, mindfulness, and exercise to help you feel better, stay focused, and change with confidence.

Life is too hard and too short to be mean and critical to yourself. To be stuck in fear and insecurity. To attach your self-worth and happiness to anything outside of you.

When you work with me, you’ll feel brave, proud, and worthy. You’ll believe and know that you and your body are enough.

You’ll practice making choices that are fun and easy, stay on track with accountability, and feel like yourself again.


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Want a gentle way to supercharge your self-care?

Reiki is a complementary healing method that uses energy to promote relaxation, balance and stress relief.

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What my clients say about me and my work

I want to thank you for this wonderful and beautiful healing and reading. The reading was such a nice surprise and incredibly accurate and a message from above I really needed to hear. Your higher self is pretty powerful! I keep getting some nice downloads and activations from your higher self. I really appreciate this and YOU!

Sarah Vargo
Sarah VargoEnergy Alchemist, AuthorSarah ‘Stargo’ Vargo

Holy cats. Just got caught up with the amazing Zorahgail Balino…this stuff is POWERFUL. #takingaction

Kaila Prins
Kaila PrinsVoiceover Actor, Motivational Speaker, Wellness CoachPerforming Woman

I think I found my new Super Human!! Zorahgail gently asked me questions and somehow without imposing in any way shape or form, helped me solidify and GET CLEAR on what my rebrand is, how to action it, and how to make space for what I DO want. Someone and something has to help us get grounded and clear…she’s it.

Cydney Mar
Cydney MarCreator of Cydney Mar Wellness Supplements, Fashion DesignerCydney Mar Wellness