Hi, I’m Zorahgail Balino, and I’m a certified life coach and chakra healer in Portland, OR.

My first diet (Slim-Fast!) was at 8 years old. Over the next 25+ years, I lost and gained hundreds of pounds. Round and round the rollercoaster I went.

Self-sabotage? Check.
Binge then restrict? Check.
Self-criticize to get smaller? Check.

At the same time, I didn’t know how to handle my emotions, much less anyone else’s.

If someone was feeling sad, I felt sad.
If someone was feeling angry, I felt angry.
If someone was feeling lonely, I felt lonely.

I felt like I literally took on other people’s emotions and energy, and didn’t know what to do about it.

So I ate. Because the more weight I gained the less I had to feel anything.

But the more weight I gained the more miserable I got. The more fad diets I tried and failed. The more beating myself up I did.

The less my body felt safe and secure.

Maybe this sounds familiar. Maybe you can relate. Know that you’re not alone! I’ve lived it and come out the other side.

After a bazillion attempts at losing weight, and even getting a nutrition degree that I’d hoped would teach me how to diet, I hit a milestone: I lost almost 100 lbs.

Fast forward several years, when I realized I was an empath and incredibly intuitive. Through many mentors, I learned how to ground and protect my energy, and stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by other people’s stuff.

And I developed an intimate relationship with the chakras too (an ever-deepening journey!).

Now, as a competitive powerlifter, life coach, and energy worker, I’m doing the work.

I’m finding balance with food.
Deprivation and helplessness around food, body, and weight is gone.
My self-worth and happiness isn’t tied to a number on the scale.
My physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is first priority.
Feeling safe and secure in my body, energy, and intuitive gifts becomes easier everyday.

It’s my passion to help other empaths and intuitive women do the same.

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