17 seconds is all you need to start clearing a block. Sometimes the best thing you can do to shift, is to focus on what you want instead.

The concept from Abraham Hicks is simple: Hold a thought around what you want, without allowing fear or negativity to contradict it, for 17 seconds.

When you hold this thought, it activates a feeling that makes you more of an energetic match to Source/Love/God/Spirit/Universe. And when you’re a match to Love, anything is possible!

The ultimate goal is to build upon the 17 seconds until you can hold the pure thought and feeling for 68 seconds.

What happens at 68 seconds? You reach a tipping point big enough to manifest that thought into your physical world.

(Side Note: My fave definition of “manifesting” is from Denise Duffield-Thomas. “Manifesting is simply the art of transmuting a thought – a dream or a desire – into reality in the real world so you can touch and experience it for real.”)

Practicing 17 seconds of feeling good daily can make anything possible.


As I share these tips, check-in with yourself to make sure they make sense to you. As one of my mentors, Deana Welch, says, “Keep in mind that I don’t have your answers. You have your answers.”