On Friday, 8/19/2016, I competed at a powerlifting event that I lovingly tagged as my BIG MEET for the year.

I had blocks around two of my lifts, so I spent the week prior prepping my physical body as well as my energetic one too.

That meant spending more time being a vibrational match to confidence, ease, inspiration, joy, love.

How to match up with the energy of cleared blocks? By practicing gratitude ahead of time.

A few days before my competition, I mentally fast forwarded to the day of the meet. I wrote the following list as if it was the evening after I competed.

I appreciate that…

– Getting through airport security was a breeze!

– My coach traveled with me to be my handler

– Picking up the rental car was quick and easy

– The front desk person was friendly and courteous when we checked into the hotel

– I remembered to pack all my equipment, including extras and backups

– I had tons of fun meeting the other ladies in my weight class and division

– That I went 9/9 on attempts, with 3 white lights given by the judges each time!

– I completely trusted my body to do what it knows to do

– I completely trusted my mind to shift to better-feeling thoughts whenever needed

– I completely trusted my spirit to align with the Divine, and fully allow Divine Light to shine through me

– and on and on…


As I share these tips, check-in with yourself to make sure they make sense to you. As one of my mentors, Deana Welch, says, “Keep in mind that I don’t have your answers. You have your answers.”