Icon Credit: Manipura by madforest from the Noun Project

“When you are clear about self, other energy is clearly other energy.”
-Alexis Saloutos of Chakredy.com

The Solar Plexus chakra is the seat of the Soul. It houses your personal power, identity, worth, and self-esteem.

It’s also the most common way empaths and intuitives sense the external environment (a.k.a. “other” or “not me” energy).

And quite often, sensing “other” energy is followed by internalizing it in the third chakra.

Over time, shoulds, judgments, and rules about living in the world get stored in the Solar Plexus, and you lose touch with your authentic self.

You lose touch with believing in yourself, and simply BEING yourself.

When it comes to our bodies and dieting, it’s easy to look to an external plan – keto, bulletproof, intermittent fasting protocols are popular now – and further disconnect from what’s real and true for you.

How to start chucking the rules, the shoulds, the limiting beliefs around food and body?

Create permission.

Start acknowledging and valuing your own needs, wants, desires, preferences over the shoulds and rules.

How much do you want to weigh, really?
What kind of food do you want to eat, really?
What movement does your body want, really?

Give yourself permission to want what you want, without embarrassment or shame, without questioning if it’s “right.”

Because if it’s coming from your Solar Plexus, if it’s coming from your Soul, then of course it’s right.

Light to you,