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Authenticity is a magnified expression of self. -Alexis Saloutos of Chakredy.com

For the most part, I practice a combination of intuitive eating and food rules. And by food rules I mean anything outside myself that dictates what, when, and how much I eat.

As I transition fully to an intuitive eating practice, being open and up front about what’s here now has become critical to staying connected to my Solar Plexus.

As my mentor Alexis suggests in her blog, intentionally connecting with the energy of “authenticity” in the third chakra is useful for staying anchored to my soul.

When it comes to eating, acknowledging where I’m at now while lightly holding onto the vision of the future creates space from judgment and self-criticism.

So where do I want to go? What does intuitive eating, aka attuned or mindful eating, look like? There are 3 components:

  • Unconditional permission to eat when hungry, and eat what food’s desired
  • Eating for physical rather than emotional reasons
  • Reliance on internal hunger and satiety cues to determine when and how much to eat

In the upcoming Throat Chakra blogs, I’ll start exploring these 3 components, and how to use the Throat’s primary energy of “choice” to create more freedom and peace around food, body, and weight.

Light to you,

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