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Body trust is reciprocal. You need to trust your body. And your body needs to trust you. -Dana Sturtevant

Earlier this week, I was floored by the question “But does my body trust me?”

I’m a powerlifter that’s learned to trust my body. To keep me alive and safe as I move hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

I’m also a highly sensitive person that’s learned to trust my body. My highly tuned nervous system picks up on all sorts of subtleties in the environment.

As I revisit my body story, untangling and unraveling beliefs around food/body/weight, I keep coming back to this…

Does my body trust me?

Does my body trust me to listen to it, love it, accept it, respect it, nourish, and care for it?

And do these things in ways that have nothing to do with how much I weigh or will weigh or not weigh?

Since the Solar Plexus houses our essential Self, our Soul, to fully align with the power there means that self-care (however it’s defined) is soul care.

Self-care is coming up for me this week as I take a break from dieting and hard training. My body, mind, and soul need a rest and reset.

Connecting first with my Soul at the Solar Plexus, then asking my body “What can I do to care for you?” is one way I’m practicing body trust.

Body trust.
Self-care as Soul care.
Both are two-way streets.

As I trust my body, my body trusts me. As I care for my Self, my Soul cares for me.

Light to you,

PS: I’m posting on Instagram for 40 days (5/15-6/24/18) to share my body trust practice. I’d love to have you join in. #bodytrustpractice