Icon Credit: Manipura by madforest from the Noun Project

“The only person’s permission you need to shine, is your own.” -Mastin Kipp

Since Christmas 2017, I’ve lost 31 lbs.

People are noticing. They’re asking questions. Some are guessing my weight.

Today a colleague asked how much more I have to lose, and I found myself explaining why I set the goal I did.

As I was speaking, I noticed I was justifying my goal.

I got curious: Why did I feel the need to explain myself? Why did I need to “prove” my goal made sense?

Because I wanted what I wanted.
Because I wanted her acceptance.
Because I wanted her approval.

Giving myself permission to lose weight my way – and to trust my choices – leaves me feeling vulnerable.

And since I’m not yet well-practiced at feeling vulnerable, I feel as if I have to hold my ground for living from a place of personal power.

I want what I want, and I’m going to do it my way, and that’s all the approval and acceptance I need.

Staying centered at the Solar Plexus, tapping into alignment with my core values, eliminates the need to explain or justify myself.

My practice is to call up courage to own my power, my decisions, my choices, and know that my desire is enough.

There is no other permission I need.
There is no other acceptance I need.
There is no other approval I need.

My desire to shine is enough. And so is yours.

Light to you,